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Lash Lift & Brow Lamination TRAINING

Lucy L'Ren
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Learn the Lash Lift technique by My Lamination who are the world leaders in lash lifting and brow lamination. This treatment, unlike other lash lifts is not damaging and will boost lash health. The My lamination treatment system includes the exclusive ‘My Lamination Lash Botox’ which promotes healthier, longer and thicker lashes. Trainers and students around the world have collectively won over 240 awards worldwide. This system will last 8 weeks after opening and can also be used for brow lamination.

Learn the new brow service that’s taking the world by storm. My Lamination are the leaders in brow lamination, providing a non-damaging versatile system which will promote fluffier, fuller and healthier brows. Brow lamination is the perfect addition to offer your clients will performing a lash lift.


Kits available to purchase on Training Day 

Starter Kit - $139

Professional Kit - $269